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Connected Cars – Charlemagne Protocol

Connected Cars – Charlemagne Protocol Protocols are crucial part of the technology world. Protocols helped technology to penetrate deep into peoples lives and make a difference. In simple terms people communicate among each other with a language. In the technology world this language is represented by protocol. Its a directRead More

Quality ….. A perspective into software quality standards

Rules are meant for fools Know the rules to break them … These are age old proverb which inadvertently is applied in all walks of life. Many of us don’t even realise it. Take a simple example like when you are learning to drive. Your instructor teaches you to startRead More

Installing Linux with bitlocker enabled windows

This brief write up talks about a procedure to install Linux OS along side a Windows 7 OS in which bitlocker is enabled. Usually bitlocker does not work ( meaning cannot be enabled) when a partition in the hard disk is not windows partition. This is the case when weRead More

Linux World

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