Quality Trainings

Training System

Training is an integral entity of my career. I believe that quality training not only helps in improving skillset of engineers, it also gives me invaluable feedback in terms of improving my overall engineering quality and also increasing my access to quality engineering team. Quality Engineering team is the platform on which I like to design and develop my projects. Without quality engineering team, no amount of processes and testing can deliver a good product. This is hard truth. Although we have evolved a lot in our engineering processes and quality control measures there is no parallel for creative engineering and no amount of control mechanism can deliver creative & innovative engineering.  Above all, in the current era of information technology where people want to grow fast, explore fast and see more, its indeed difficult to maintain the same engineering team for more than a year. In order to hold my strength for sustained growth and quality maintenance, its imperative that I train energetic engineers continuously so that we have talent pool available for us anytime.

I have a very unique method of training which is very much different from conventional training systems. Pls approach me in person for more details on my training process.

Overall training programs are available for the following areas of engineering.

  1. Embedded Systems
  2. Linux Platform Engineering
  3. Application Development on Embedded Linux Platform
  4. Microcontroller Programming

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